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$5,000 offer comes in the form of a buyer credit and redeemed by purchasing a home in the Stone Butte East community, and using Jonathan Knutson PLLC, licensed Realtor® of HomeSmart, as your buyers agent in the transaction.  A $5,000 credit will be given as a commission rebate from the real estate agent to the home buyer.  This can be used to pay for closing costs, loan costs, lender points (to buy a lower interest rate) and title/escrow fees.

Minimum base purchase price of home must be $500,000 or more to qualify.  For homes and townhomes with a base price of under $500,000 a $3,000 credit will be given. This is in addition to any offer or credits the home-builder may be offering at the time of sale. Payment/credit can not be made outside of escrow.

Rebate is valid when the home builder is paying a customary buyer broker fee of at least 3% of the base price of the home to the buyers broker. In the event the home builder pays a reduced buyer broker fee, rebates may subsequently be reduced.

Completing this registration form does not grant any Realtor Agency agreement or employment agreement between agent and buyer, and is not an agreement to purchase or sell real property. This promotional registration is intended to have the option to use Jonathan Knutson PLLC for the available credits in the event of a future home purchase in the Stone Butte East Community.

About Realtor Representation on New Construction Homes

As with any new home builder, a home buyer MUST NOT enter the on-site sales office without a licensed agent on their first visit, or the builder will NOT allow any real estate agent to represent you in your purchase. This means if you go into the sales office “just to look” you are now locked into that community WITHOUT representation, even if you decide to purchase a year later.

This is the #1 money mistake buyers make when buying a new construction. A simple 2 minute registration with an agent solves this problem.  Once a buyer is registered to their own buyers agent at the home builders office, they may visit the community afterwards as many times as they need without their buyers agent present.

Even though the builder would like you to think otherwise, having your own representation is important. On site salespersons are working for the builder exclusively.  Buyer Representation costs you absolutely nothing, and will in fact save you plenty of money.   A good real estate agent who knows the intricacies of new home builders can get you the best prices, upgrades, and the best lots, all while protecting your interests, and in this case even help contribute directly towards your out of pocket expenses.

Please complete the registration form for additional questions and for a prompt reply.

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