Ground Clearing and Stone Butte WEST coming soon

Grading and drainage crews are hard at work prepping and moving dirt to create the first outlines of the future Stone Butte East Community. Infrastructure work, including sewer, water, electric, power, internet will all follow. This phase of work can take several months to complete, so don’t expect to see any homes going up anytime too soon.

In the mean time, there are some new homes going up in Stone Butte WEST just a couple blocks away. Stone Butte West is a small gated community of just 33 homes to the west of the original Stone Butte community. These homes are expected to be up for sale this fall. 4 different floorplans are in this boutique community, both single and two story options between 1,600-2,500 sq ft. Please contact me and request the floorplans for Stone Butte West and to be notified of release of this community.

Stone Butte West under development

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